Thursday, August 27, 2009

Costumed in Characters

O Drawing nights...

...they are just so much more fun with an enthusiastic model--especially one equipped with a wide array of costumes and props. Starting at the top we have Mei, twin to ole pal Mai who instantly became original living characters with hats and swords on hand. We also have our favorite shoe-gazer rock star Rodney. A marker drawing of one of his four cats soaked through the opposite page... We're surrounded by felines during these sessions, so felt fit to keep it. Drawing nights set to good tunes-- a great way to keep hand skills familiar in my often digital world.

I like this one because something about the addition of the nerf gun made her feel like part of the Serenity/Firely universe.
Other Characters

My posts on here haven't been as frequent as I like. I had to glance at my own blog header to remind myself to let some sketches loose up on here. And so...

A masochistic fighter; taking delight in inflicting pain in battle as much as receiving it.
--a little on the darker side, but a concept spurred by conversations with a friend who had an idea for an animated fight sequence. In talking about the choreography, my mind kept wandering to the why and how-comes of a fighter's particular history... a fun way to brainstorm character ideas.
A character for a story where a magical weapon comes into play. The oversized glove might have something to do with being able to wield it.. the sword needs some more work, to be influenced by fountain pen nibs.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Nouveau Robotica

Smells like Machine Spirit

Continuing with the series of Art Nouveau interwined with technology-- This one is a sort of advertisement for fine machine oils. I have another in the works that is 'medical' related. I have a few other themes in mind that I'm looking forward to doing that will use some original robot designs. This one has a lot influence from the cool Cunningham Bjork androids and the "I, Robot" styles.

Sketch up

A sketch of the current one in progress:
and here we have the Canadian Javanaut.
Not sure quite what to make of him but he does love his coffee... eh!?