Friday, September 23, 2011

Cross Pollination

For Hire!
[Preview shirt design]
A Little Fett Up? 

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Time to get Conventional

Rise of the Apes

This upcoming month will find me at a couple events. Exciting times~

First October 1st & 2nd will be APE (Alternative Press Expo) with Josh Kemble. I'll have copies of the full version of "The Tell" as well as another print run of "The Sunless Circus" for sale. I have a limited number of the "preview" hand-stapled/punched versions left over from the previous Mini-Comics Dump Truck on hand.
Inked Ardee pages

We will be at Booth #455, right next to the usual partners in crime of Ralphco Comics (Ralph Miranda) and Co.

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There will be one more addition to the Nouveau Robotica series, "Frontier Legacy" will be making its appearance here. A featured post about that print will be up soon and linked as well.

In case they're out of your size, I'll also have a few extra "Arabian Crescent" shirt designs on hand. Be sure to let Threadless to reprint your size if they're out here.

I'm looking forward to returning to APE this year with Josh since it was years gone by that I first stepped foot into the expo, played roadie at his table, and saw that there was such a great avenue for indie creators.

Josh (with printers accommodating) will have copies of the new book "Barbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages" by Byron Clavicle, which features over a hundred of his skull-bashing barbarian illustrations (some of which I posed for!)
You can pre-order it on Amazon here-- but truly illustrious conquerors will demand it in person at our table.
Anybody dressed up as an authentic Barbarian will win a free... chest bump.

Going Long

[ EDIT: Table confirmed-- We'll be at Booth #1507 in Artist's Alley ! ]

Second will be the local Long Beach Comic Con, Oct 29-30 with tablemate Victor Camba and Patrick Sung.

[Table details pending on this venue] but we will be in Artist Alley under "C.K. Perfecto".

Victor will be debuting his book "You're Stuck Here", which goes like this:

The first semester of college! A time of promise, of leaving the nest and meeting new people, with your whole future ahead of you. That's the life that Bridget McKeen longs for. But Bridget, her twin brother Jeff, and their friend Chet are leaving Winchell High for their first semester of Cyprus COMMUNITY college, the educational equivalent of purgatory. Will Bridget make room for a social life at a school she hates? Can Jeff cope with life away from his high school sweetheart?
And why can't Chet get that fast food cashier-girl out of his head...
 He will also have original lithograph prints of characters and art available.

By this time, I'll have a mini-diorama setup of my character Ardee (the Robot Acrobat as Fortune Teller) built and fully operational. I will double my efforts to construct it on schedule.
I'll be shooting to have screen prints by this time too.

At both venues, look for the red toy machine full of buttons I designed, trinkets I found, and a chance to win  personalized artwork (Blue Caps are winners)!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tauntaun at Echo Station

It's Getting Hoth in Here...

Available at MightyFine here.

This design was a challenge and a fun one to do. 
Growing up a huge fan of Star Wars (during the lowest point of it's popularity~), working on something stamped by Lucasfilm was a certain boyhood joy.
The idea behind the illustration was to incorporate the Galaxy far far way with the Steampunk genre. Adding a sort of Victorian inspired armour to this beast of burden was an interesting task-- trying to figure out if it could still move with so many accouterments. For the true fans, you can find small details like the silhouette of the Ion Cannon and the Shield Generator in the framing. Also even more scrutinous lookers would find the design decal on his retro looking gun and the accurate "Commander" ranking patch.

As for the subtitle, Wookiepedia take it away... Echo Station 3-8

It's pretty crazy how much detail has been amassed about the 'events' in the movies... I think actual engagements in real wars probably have less detailed accounts on them~

Hoth was also the 6th planet in the system and I wanted some excuse to put numbers after things.

Well, enjoy!


[edit: added process GIF]