Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"The Sunless Circus"

The Circus is in Town

Finally online, this is my first foray into comic storytelling (at least as a complete story). It's a short story about a robot acrobat boy who wants to run away from the circus-- and become an accountant.
The comic is now available as part of an anthology released through local Manhattan Beach comic store, The Comic Bug under the title, "INFECTED!". It was pleasure to work with Mike Wellman, Jun, and Adam to get this out and great to have a creative group to be surrounded and motivated by.

Every month, we creators would meet like addicts, introduce ourselves and talk about our ideas or share progress. It's a really cool shop and a great place to connect writers looking for artists and vice versa. I had a few of these to share at Comic Con and will have them on hand at APE in October.

Look for this cover!

It was a surprise honor to have legendary cartoonist Dean Yeagle draw the cover. Other pals whose stories were a part include Ralph Miranda's "An Afternoon Read" and Evan Ferrel's "Passing the Bogle". There were quite a few diverse ideas churned out in keeping with the title theme-- many opting for a metaphorical infection rather than an biological one.
A thanks also goes to the folks at Art and Story who got me thinking more about comics as an artform and providing great company at the cartoonist's artdesk.

This image at the very top is for a minicomic version of just the circus story. I had painted this fake circus poster for an art show and wanted to stretch it's usefulness. These copies also have initial concept sketches and perforated circus tickets that you can tear out [and redeem for a sketch at any convention appearances~]

And without further ado:
[cue circus music, it's a silent comic...]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time for Tripletwo

It's Always Sunny in Surf City

[EDIT: Added pictures from the show below! And for more photos from this event and another appearance at the Patchwork Indie Crafts Fair Long Beach, check out the iHeartsAndCrafts blog!]

"Soviet Space Monkey" 2010
[Screenprint on stone slab]

This is a fashionably late posting about a show I'm in--- tonight! If you're in the Huntington Beach area, come check out some new work of mine at this, my first almost solo show! Character sculpture artist Brad Teaford will also have his work on display in this Marvel team up.

The show space is a Nordic indie clothing store (i know another one~) called "222 Gallery". Their site is under construction, but click on it to find the address or if you like looking at a guy scratching his head... Here's more useful info about the HB Art Walk in general. The show is from 6-9 pm. Drinks and appetizers will be served and an afterparty at the snazzy Shorebreak Hotel to follow.
This store is little gem, and was a chance find since it's one block over from the busier Main Street (on 5th). Full of unique designs and great deals, check them out sometime if you're a Huntington Beach bum even if you can't make it to the show eh.

In addition to prints from the "Nouveau Robotica" series, my first ever real run of original screen prints will be available. Come check them out in all their mis-registered glory! [Keeping with my current trend toward astronauts and Russia-- the print is a Soviet space monkey~]

Well, things have been veryvery busy these past few weeks leading up to Comic Con (:D!). I'll be sure to post up pics from the show and new work as soon as they're released!

Here are them pics:

the "Nouveau Robotica" prints

World's smiliest gallery patron :D

"Soviet Space Monkey" screen prints

Digitalcasm in the flesh with amazing pointing powers!

"Sunless Circus" acrylic transfer painting
[+ two tix to the "show"~]