Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darth Atlas

Anakin Shrugged

The mighty Sith Lord bears the burden of the second Death Star-- and his destiny too in DARTH ATLAS.
I wanted to play with shapes that are so recognizable to the fanboy eye and draw a string of circles and symbols. I did a bit of searching to find the right amount of struggle and strength for this mash-up of Anakin and Antiquity.

The Lucasfilm licensed shirt is ready for wearing HERE. See other similar designs on this blog with this here fancy tag: "Star Wars"

The process video below, with brooding & beaty music provided by Digitalcasm:
You might also spy a peek at my action figure collection which I have solely for.. academic purposes.

After the set of Star Wars universe humor tees, there's some more character specific designs in the works. Several to do and so little time... I shall double my efforts~

[Also many cheers to the MightyFine crew for a wonderful WonderCon 2012--
Their booth was fantastic, their giant cool bags everywhere, and the shirts they let me show off at my booth were a total hit! ]

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Death Piñata

"...One in a Million."

This design is likely my personal fav for this humor set of tee designs for MightyFine. Avaiable HERE!
There were some initial technical glitches getting this up to par but hey, the Death Star wasn't built in a day...

BTW, how is a blast shield supposed to be practically helpful in any way except Jedi training and festival games?

Wonder-ing where to find these in person?

It's that time of year again--

And this time it will not be San Francisco but at the nearer Anaheim Convention Center. MightyFine themselves ("" Booth #112) and I (Artist Alley: AA241) will be there with some of these shirts in tow.

I'll also have new Sunless Circus character pins (along with button machine and Ardee Fortune Teller!) and my Nouveau Robotica series of prints at my table too.
It's a pretty large space (that's less than half the floorplan) but you can find me near the "Bone Yard". Sounds ominous~
Hope to see folks there!

Hoth Playground

The Battle of Hoth (Ver. 2)

This one is continuing in this 'series' of silly Star Wars designs licensed thru Lucasfilm for MightyFine. Available on apparel here (in Lt. Blue, Navy, and Silver)

I used to have one of these stick horses and always wished it would make Tauntaun noises instead of neighing...
And no one can deny, despite their terrible destructiveness, AT-AT's are just too cute.