Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darth Atlas

Anakin Shrugged

The mighty Sith Lord bears the burden of the second Death Star-- and his destiny too in DARTH ATLAS.
I wanted to play with shapes that are so recognizable to the fanboy eye and draw a string of circles and symbols. I did a bit of searching to find the right amount of struggle and strength for this mash-up of Anakin and Antiquity.

The Lucasfilm licensed shirt is ready for wearing HERE. See other similar designs on this blog with this here fancy tag: "Star Wars"

The process video below, with brooding & beaty music provided by Digitalcasm:
You might also spy a peek at my action figure collection which I have solely for.. academic purposes.

After the set of Star Wars universe humor tees, there's some more character specific designs in the works. Several to do and so little time... I shall double my efforts~

[Also many cheers to the MightyFine crew for a wonderful WonderCon 2012--
Their booth was fantastic, their giant cool bags everywhere, and the shirts they let me show off at my booth were a total hit! ]


JulgaTH said...

Really well done.. but the concept is really similar to the one submitted by powerpig a few.. 10 months ago on

chris.k said...

I like the political depth in that one-- but new to me~ Concepts germinate from a wealth of sources, and often independently.

Check out even more similarities in the zeitgeist! (and all with unique stylings and tone):

Shamespear the Magnificent said...

Any way to get that in poster form?

Shamespear the Magnificent said...

Is there a way to get that in a poster form? I'd love to hang it up somewhere.

chris.k said...

Currently, it's only available in shirt-form through MightyFine. I'd love to see it officially pass the Lucasfilm licensing dept. as a poster too! (I will continue force-waving my will at them.)

DarkEntries said...