Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greedy Han

Going Greedo

A new Star Wars licensed shirt design up through MightyFine. Find it here. Thanks to some clever-er folk at Welovefine than I for the shirt title-- like our little green friend, I'm not a quickdraw.
This one is part of a series of three humor designs (a bit like the Wounded Wampa) and feature kid-ified versions of classic characters. There's another design in particular yet to go live that was great fun to do that I can't wait to share... yes..there is another...

Until then, play friendly kids~ (That includes all the "Han Shot First"/ George Lucas debate teams!)
::pew pew::

And a kind feature on Shirtoid as well-- many thanks loyal Shirtoid-bot!

[EDIT 2/21] Thanks also to more mentions on an amiable HideYourArms post and on friendly Fashionably Geek.
And a tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter feed too! Cheers~

Also, MightyFine has launched their League of Mighty Fine Artists section on the site. You can find all the designs I've done for them so far there-- Marvel, Lucasfilm, and some original works as well.
Look for my banners that looks like these to get my section!:

[Hailing all nerd frequencies]

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"That's Amore" e-card

Puppies, Cats, and A-more!

Recently I did some background illustrations for an e-card for American Greetings. It features quite a cast of singing animals friends. See it  HERE and share with whomever this Valentines season.

It features a dog gondolier with, dare I say, amazing acting ability. If he looks familiar, you might have seen this little pup auteur "Uggie" on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

He was in the recently released and Oscar nominated silent movie "The Artist" and added adorable character to a great film.

The shots are pretty quick, but the backgrounds (watercolor with digital embellishments) are meant to evoke a dreamy evening in Venice.

Bridge Intro
A Dog-gone-Gondolier
Curious Cat
Enamored Poodle
aMoon Pug !