Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PROBE: The Movie

Mad about Cows

A limited edition print for a film short: PROBE. A comedic sci-fi short about a man who has a terrible day on Earth-- then wakes up, abducted by aliens to join an eclectic host of specimens (besides the herd of disgruntled cows). Having had enough, he fights back with wrath and rage-- a cave woman joins in along the way~

Read more about it and the project page here, and act fast-- less than 9 days remain to get this print as part of the fundraising campaign.

MARY CYBRIWSKY, FRANKIE LINDQUIST, JONATHAN STEWART andKENT KUBENA are working with director CHAD KOCH to produce PROBE and help bring his vision to life. The film is being shot by cinematographer BEN PEYSER on the all new RED EPIC and stars actors ETHAN KEOGH and NYKKY IKALINA

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Who keeps stealing my socks?

It's a Threadless submission-- it's been a while!
Browsing through some of my books for some inspiration, I happened upon one volume that is an aggregation of amazing creativity, diversity, and business savvy: this little number~

So this design is take on the term "nomenclature" (which during some 'market research', I found about 23% of people did not know the definition of). And so:


  1. The devising or choosing of names for things, esp. in a science or other discipline.
  2. The body or system of such names in a particular field: "the nomenclature of chemical compounds".

There you have it...vote and comment, raise this little guy high won't you please~? :]

Gnomenclature - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Monday, April 09, 2012

Paper Pilgrim & Ms Flowers

Making the Pilgrimage

These are some shirts that will hopefully be hosted by MightyFine~ Ever expanding as they are, they have been holding some design contests as of late and I decided to participate. The theme? Scott Pilgrim!

As well as scouring for iconic moments/images in the comics, I watched the movie several times in a row (w/ multiple commentary tracks) for both inspiration and company during the drawing process. Many plates of garlic bread were had as well.... now I am fat. :P

My two cents in designs subs totaled three:

Guys and Dolls

This was my take on the many t-shirts and clothes that Scott goes through during his journey. There were a ton more, but I picked out some of my favorites like his 'X' logo'd jacket, silly hat, and pixel skull shirt.
Other accessories include his Power of Love sword, 1-UP, and of course, garlic bread.

 Ramona Fire Flowers

She's the most fiery type of power-up! A visual pun of her name and the highest achievement in 8-bits in the original Super Mario Bros. I did two versions since I couldn't decide which. The first one is a 'spent' question block if doesn't look familiar~

Vote for one, both, or all of them at WeLoveFine.com between 4/9/12 5/1/12! 
The final judges include the creator Bryan Lee O'Malley but the more that vote, the better the outcome.

To vote:
for "Paper Pilgrim" press the Directional Pad!
for "Ramona Flower Box" press A!
for "Ms Flowers" press B !

If you're looking at this on mobile, click on one of these:  vote!  vote!   vote! won'tcha please~
Sign-up takes just about half a minute (depending on typing speed~)