Monday, April 09, 2012

Paper Pilgrim & Ms Flowers

Making the Pilgrimage

These are some shirts that will hopefully be hosted by MightyFine~ Ever expanding as they are, they have been holding some design contests as of late and I decided to participate. The theme? Scott Pilgrim!

As well as scouring for iconic moments/images in the comics, I watched the movie several times in a row (w/ multiple commentary tracks) for both inspiration and company during the drawing process. Many plates of garlic bread were had as well.... now I am fat. :P

My two cents in designs subs totaled three:

Guys and Dolls

This was my take on the many t-shirts and clothes that Scott goes through during his journey. There were a ton more, but I picked out some of my favorites like his 'X' logo'd jacket, silly hat, and pixel skull shirt.
Other accessories include his Power of Love sword, 1-UP, and of course, garlic bread.

 Ramona Fire Flowers

She's the most fiery type of power-up! A visual pun of her name and the highest achievement in 8-bits in the original Super Mario Bros. I did two versions since I couldn't decide which. The first one is a 'spent' question block if doesn't look familiar~

Vote for one, both, or all of them at between 4/9/12 5/1/12! 
The final judges include the creator Bryan Lee O'Malley but the more that vote, the better the outcome.

To vote:
for "Paper Pilgrim" press the Directional Pad!
for "Ramona Flower Box" press A!
for "Ms Flowers" press B !

If you're looking at this on mobile, click on one of these:  vote!  vote!   vote! won'tcha please~
Sign-up takes just about half a minute (depending on typing speed~)

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