Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Have a Winner!

The Zaku MS-06S

So posted above is the finished prize for David Torres , one of the winners of the mini-sweepstakes I ran at Wonder Con in San Fransisco couple weeks ago. I hope the awesome people who bought a poster checked the number on the wax sealed paper band because--

There is one more winner floating around out there! (probably somewhere around Northern Californa..)

The winner opted for the custom color robot sketch (which turned out more like a finished watercolor piece~) from the Gundam Wing series. I admittedly had to bone up a bit on their design since it's been while since seeing any of the series. A lobster+ stormtrooper+ cyclops+ spikey Mario Bros turtle + badass gun!

Hope he likes the result-- The original's in the mail!

The texture in the watercolor for this piece was made using table salt--which happened to be at...

Drink & Draw Social Club

This is a really cool group I recently discovered that gets together in downtown L.A. every Thursday night at Casey's Irish Pub. I ran into an old co-worker the first time I stumbled in--fun times and actually getting some drawing done at the same time! A real inviting and inspiring bunch of creatives gather here every week. Shout outs all around to local pals who want to join in!

Here's a sketch on recycled toned paper I did there--

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nouveau Robotica 'sweepstakes'


Did you find this code on a poster? Thanks for stopping by at WonderCon Booth #AA070 !

Your prize, should you choose to accept it...
e-mail me and I'll send you:

1) your choice of any of the other Nouveau Robotica posters.
2) a custom original color sketch of a robot character (just trying to stay within a theme ;])
An original character, or Robocop, or a Cylon, a Terminator, Al Gore, you name it!

If this doesn't make any sense...

that's understandable! The picture above is the wax seal I used to wrap the "Nouveau Robotica" series of mini-posters I am/was selling at WonderCon (April 2-4). Each of these had a code and a lucky few were marked with the alpha-numeric above.
I'll post the result when finished with the winner's approval~
I'm also in the process of setting up an online store for these posters and hopefully other works as well. Stay tuned on here, Twitter, or the newly created Facebook page !

(winner: Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery! Cheers for checking out the blog to all ya'll)