Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comikaze Expo'd 2012

Converging with the three amigos of Ralph, Stephen, and myself--we formed the trifecta table of "Kawagiwa/Yan/Miranda" this year at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. Boothmate Stephen Yan was decked out in full Deadpool garb and attracted a good amount of attention with his red suit and mercenary skills with guns and Seaworld brand lightsaber.
Stationed at booth #333 (and #432), news filtered in during the weekend that attendee quantities were far more than expected. The stamp of Stan Lee's name was sure to ramp up the city-wide attention.
 [A chance encounter that's a little dated, but still a source of inspiration concerning "The Man", was noted in a recent post on my storyboard blog~]

It was great to meet fellow creators in person like Megan Lara, whom I'd only corresponded with online and even snail mail. Not too far also were fellow comic creators Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil ("Forever Freshman"), the talented Houghton Brothers ("Reed Gunther"), Binary Winter Press, Dave of Savage Monsters, and the fine folks of Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. Conventions still remain one of those few opportunities to really appreciate face-to-face geeking out!

Also amazing costumes and make-up like this:

The contestants and models from the SFX/make-up competion TV show "Face Off" were attendance in full bloom:
Other active events included a Zombie Apocalypse Escape obstacle course and Harry Potter Quiddich matches. Many tumbles and bludger-ings were observed. 
As an exhibitor, my only regret was not getting to see more of the floor and talk longer with the folks at the Copic and Archaia booths. However, it turned out to be one of my most successful shows and a whirlwind weekend of fun --the evidence below!:
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Rolling out-- next stop Alternative Press Expo (San Francisco)!