Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Comic Book Day!

"The Ink Raven" hand carved stamp

Many cheers to friendly neighborhood photographer Caitlyn of Comic Book Resources for the kind mention on their site. It's an honor to be named anywhere near the regal Richard Starkings. 
As a youngin, I followed "Generation X" (which Starkings lettered) amd I mistakenly took the company 
"Comicraft" to be some sort of magical lettering program. I can wholly appreciate the art of type and lettering now that I've attempted it myself and marveled at Comicraft's newer work in "Elephantmen".
Vol. 1 "Wounded Animals" was beautifully done. 

One tough gang
The Raven leaves a Trail

There were events all over LA for Free Comic Book Day, but I decided the best place to be was the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach. I made economy paper versions of my Ink Raven story (standard edition currently sold out :/) to give away at this event in exchange for being "inked".

This idea of the Raven leaving his ink-laden talon marks is actually part of the larger story in its universe. Generally, the idea in the story is that the mark is dynamic and rotates like a compass in the direction of your destiny. I'm itching to dive into it~

Pics from the Comic Bug:
 Troopers take the streets!

Tyler Crook was super swell and drew me a Liz Sherman.
He definitely got a mini comic in return
 Mike raffles off prizes in style

The most leisurely paced Flash I'd ever seen 
and one warm-blooded Wonder Woman 

Comic and rhyming pals Ralph Miranda and Kathryn Renta
Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame

I also had a fantastic time getting to talk to Joe Benitez, whose "Lady Mechanika" is some great steampunk fare. Having run out of mini-comics, I gave him a copy of the "Sunless Circus" (sorta steampunk~). The second part of that story titled "The Tell" is more than half complete and I'll be posting previews soon--!