Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PROBE: The Movie

Mad about Cows

A limited edition print for a film short: PROBE. A comedic sci-fi short about a man who has a terrible day on Earth-- then wakes up, abducted by aliens to join an eclectic host of specimens (besides the herd of disgruntled cows). Having had enough, he fights back with wrath and rage-- a cave woman joins in along the way~

Read more about it and the project page here, and act fast-- less than 9 days remain to get this print as part of the fundraising campaign.

MARY CYBRIWSKY, FRANKIE LINDQUIST, JONATHAN STEWART andKENT KUBENA are working with director CHAD KOCH to produce PROBE and help bring his vision to life. The film is being shot by cinematographer BEN PEYSER on the all new RED EPIC and stars actors ETHAN KEOGH and NYKKY IKALINA

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