Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greedy Han

Going Greedo

A new Star Wars licensed shirt design up through MightyFine. Find it here. Thanks to some clever-er folk at Welovefine than I for the shirt title-- like our little green friend, I'm not a quickdraw.
This one is part of a series of three humor designs (a bit like the Wounded Wampa) and feature kid-ified versions of classic characters. There's another design in particular yet to go live that was great fun to do that I can't wait to share... yes..there is another...

Until then, play friendly kids~ (That includes all the "Han Shot First"/ George Lucas debate teams!)
::pew pew::

And a kind feature on Shirtoid as well-- many thanks loyal Shirtoid-bot!

[EDIT 2/21] Thanks also to more mentions on an amiable HideYourArms post and on friendly Fashionably Geek.
And a tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter feed too! Cheers~

Also, MightyFine has launched their League of Mighty Fine Artists section on the site. You can find all the designs I've done for them so far there-- Marvel, Lucasfilm, and some original works as well.
Look for my banners that looks like these to get my section!:

[Hailing all nerd frequencies]

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