Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tauntaun at Echo Station

It's Getting Hoth in Here...

Available at MightyFine here.

This design was a challenge and a fun one to do. 
Growing up a huge fan of Star Wars (during the lowest point of it's popularity~), working on something stamped by Lucasfilm was a certain boyhood joy.
The idea behind the illustration was to incorporate the Galaxy far far way with the Steampunk genre. Adding a sort of Victorian inspired armour to this beast of burden was an interesting task-- trying to figure out if it could still move with so many accouterments. For the true fans, you can find small details like the silhouette of the Ion Cannon and the Shield Generator in the framing. Also even more scrutinous lookers would find the design decal on his retro looking gun and the accurate "Commander" ranking patch.

As for the subtitle, Wookiepedia take it away... Echo Station 3-8

It's pretty crazy how much detail has been amassed about the 'events' in the movies... I think actual engagements in real wars probably have less detailed accounts on them~

Hoth was also the 6th planet in the system and I wanted some excuse to put numbers after things.

Well, enjoy!


[edit: added process GIF]


Justin Rampage said...

Great job man! [Rampaged]

cins said...

ooh, i love it.

Chris Kawagiwa [Storyboards] said...

Much thanks Rampage--!