Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Freaks" and "Superfreak"

Add-a-photo e-cards for Kiwee.com
Thanks to Matt Dow for references for the 'sideshow' project (in book form that is...)
To add your own photos check out one of them here (<--mermaid)
Character design sketches and background for a music card for AmericanGreetings.com. It's finally up in time for Halloween HERE. Great animation to Rick James' "Superfreak" by the amazing Chris K from Down Under, Mr. Kennett.

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Chris Kennett said...

Love those Victorian Freaks. Nice job.

Peter Breese said...

These are freakin' awesome buddy! Really like the black and white oddities.

Thanks for the awesome comment on my Ol' blog... I'll definitely be back.

Abz said...

Well done! good shading as well.. you have some good stuff on here!
drop by for a visit! ;)