Monday, December 01, 2008

More Add-a-Photos

Fun projects for Kiwee
where you can incorporate your friends into some classic movie posters. "Army of Dorkness" was my favorite-- Call to all nerds: find all the easter eggs in there!
[there are at least a dozen different movies/games/genres]


Matthew Dow said...

super mario bros
terminator (bottom right
star wars (leia, bountyhunter, lightsaber, landspeeder axe?)
army of darkness (obviously)
tetris wall
batman(with trusty bat axe)
lord of the rings (tower)
herbie fully loaded (tire on bottom left)
warcraft (girl head)

uh ive never seen the show but i bet there is a battlestar galactia thingy in there, maybe its the guy between ashs legs

thats all i got, but you know what would have been cool? fire trails from the deloreon in the sky, like when it got hit by lightning and the flag banner fell to the ground, oh well . . .

Chris Kennett said...

Yeah "Army" is the winnner. Looks amazing! It makes me want to go watch it again.