Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spaceman and Stearns

I love my wacom tablet... took it for a spin on my laptop for life drawing night with friends.
Featured are Abel, aka: Digital Sarcasm (who usually doesn't look as sad as i painted him) and Rodney aka: Year Zero (who usually doesn't wear his spacesuit...usually). Both musicians, really talented--check them out! We drew while listening to some of Rodney's new tunes, funfun.

I just ordered a Wacom Bamboo Fun.. i've heard it's no Intuos3, but hopefully it'll work well on the go. will post new doodles with that soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Which Wacom tablet do you have? The new Intuos4? What size do you have? I'm thinking of getting one too. Please help me decide :)

Anonymous said...

What laptop do you have? I have a small Intuos3 4x6 for my MBP laptop, I hate it. It's way too small to do any real work :(

I just read Inutos4 is out, I'm thinking of investing some money in that, as it has a rotate dial on the tablet itself, where you can have four different presets, such as brush size, canvas rotation, and etc.

Anyway, nice work! Keep it up!

chris.K said...

I've been using a 6 x 8 Intuos 3 for a while and like it. I just heard about the new ones-- will have to check them out!
It's kind of going backwards but I got a more portable Bamboo Fun to take around with my MacbookPro. Not as pressure sensitive, but gets the job done.. i'll post some work with that soon.
Thanks for the comments :]

Anonymous said...

So you have a macbookpro as well :) is it the unibody or the last gen? also do you have cs3 or 4? i'm thinking of getting cs4, but so expensive :(

chris.K said...

I have a unibody one. i'm kind of rough and tumble with a lot of my things so i'm glad its aluminum~

Yes, i've heard some perks to cs4! my laptops loaded with cs3, but much of my other work on desktop is still done on *ahem* cs2 ;P
i think having limited tools can be a be a benefit to fostering more creativity/resourcefulness. sure saves some dough~