Saturday, September 12, 2009

Medicus Rex


The third installment in this series of Alphonse Mucha inspired peices. I've got several more themes I've been wanting to take a crack at-- just a matter of carving out the time. I love playing around with and bringing together dissimilar concepts like mechanical things with very organic or plant like ones. I found a beautiful book on Mucha on the bargain shelf at Barnes & Noble and couldn't resist trying apply the plantlike forms to a new age. The book's also a fascinating biography of how he made it as both an illustrator and fine artist throughout his career.

I'm also looking to see how old and dead languages can relate to technology. Both Latin and binary are pretty vital to our language and communication, but we don't really pay much attention and they run in the backgrounds of our daily lives.

In the previous ones in this series I used tech symbols without much intention... I'm inclined to switch them out for things that make more sense to them now~ For this one, finding the origins and use of the caduceus medical symbol was an interesting read. My next one is looking to be a bit more topical... which means I better jump on that soon in case it turns out to be a fad~

[about the title: he just looked like a "Rex" to me... maybe he's operating on his own motherboard? eeew gross~:P ]


mai s kemble said...

you know chris, I bet you and Randy from CSULB should've talked more... :)
I like your piece!! :)

RAWLS said...

SO very, very awesome!!