Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pencil Sketches

Clown College

I've been working on a short comic--inspired enough from the Art & Story podcast, finally giving my go at making a short. So far, I'll just say that it involves a robot boy that performs in a circus and the story itself will rely heavily on pantomime (like the first part of "Wall-E").

Also check out exciting developments for independent cartoonists with the UP! Fair going on in November! There's some time maybe to save up for a plane ticket~

I also found this little sketch of a "Mad House"--

1 comment:

mai s kemble said...

these sketches are RAD.
love the movement in the one at the bottom and the design of the clown is awesome, too.
Love to see more soon!!
PS:I am sleeping with my Olivia doll... she is sweet.
Thank you so much!