Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Soviet Scribbles and Sin City Sketches

Soviet Scribbles

I found this book at a Barnes & Noble, "Red Star over Russia". Skimming through the pages to find poster reference for a new "Nouveau Robotica" piece, I ended up reading a lot of it-- turned into a mini history lesson...
Also coincidentally timed in my Netflix queue's arrival was a movie called "Russian Ark" by director Alexander Sokurov. It's an epic tour of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg presented in a grand theatrical scale with over 2000 costumed actors. Elaborate portrayal both visually and metaphorically of the country's history and identity with European culture--presented all in one take. Quite a feat with very unique effect in a full length feature.

Sin City Sketches

If you can't afford a plane ticket to Europe, here's an option for you! The Romans copied the Greeks, and so Las Vegans copied the Romans (and Paris and Venice and Egypt and Rio and..) with varying levels of hokeyness. Keep off the beer goggles and look hard enough and you can find some pretty decent copies~

In the sketches: a view from from our hotel of 'Paris', 'The David' at Ceasar's Palace, and a juggler at 'The Venetian'.
Cool performer costumes in the indoor mall made to look like St. Mark's Square in Venzia... much less pigeons here.

I also drew one of the human statue guys. Really cool drapery, and the stillest model you could ask for. We need more of these guys in our cities...
Too bad the photo's blurry, but I gave him the sketch-- got a wink in return.

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