Friday, October 21, 2011

Long Beach Comic Con

Ardee R & D

These are a couple process pics of the 'Ardee' model I'm building. He's the central character of my first comic and I'm finding myself oddly in the same role as the Inventor in my latest comic.
I've been having to research many an automata online to figure out how he'll work as a mini Zoltar-esque fortune telling machine...

If this contraption won't fly, at least I'll still have a reliable gumball/toy machine at the table!

Come find Victor Camba, me, and articulated Ardee at booth #1507 in Artist Alley at Long Beach Comic Con, this 29th and 30th !

"I guess I'll hang around for now..."

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Fulgum said...

Hi, Chris. It was nice meeting you and seeing your art. I REALLY love it! Your style is unlike anything I have ever seen before. (I bought your Buddhist inspired print). Definitely want to see more of your art. I would definitely buy your calender if you decide to finally do that.

Hope Long Beach was great for you!