Saturday, December 15, 2012

Loki: Son of Laufey

The House of Odin is Full of Designs 

As the ever-present foil to Thor, this Loki I've been working on is the counterpart to my previous design of the God of Thunder.
The Master of Mischief illustration had only slight revisions before being approved by Marvel and is now available as a shirt at MightFine's site here!

Web Preview

Much like the precursor, I did my fair share of Runic translations and Easter Egg inserting for the detail-inclined. The symbols around the scepter translate phonetically to English from a line in the Poetic Edda:

"Bale and hatred I bring to the gods,
And their mead with venom I mix."

The words are from the Lokasenna part of the Norse text and consist of insults Loki throws at an assembly of other gods and goddesses. Read more about it here, and if you want to make your own Rune scripts, check out this neat translator.

Instagram = Instantly ancient!
There are also some movie version tidbits included in the design such as the Casket of Ancient Winters (overall shape), the Tesseract (top and center!), and Loki's cold connection to realm of Jotunheim (icicles). A more elusive element in the design are the two serpents at the bottom which are from the prop book "Myths and Legends from Around the World" that Eric Selvig looks at very briefly in the film (see right).
There is an more hidden gem but you have to very sharp to find them. I'd wager fairly obscure-- First person that identifies this movie connection (either in Thor or The Avengers) and posts it on my Facebook page gets a free Loki sketch!
In researching, I had a great time re-watching what I thought was a great Kenneth Branaugh film. There's an interesting comparison of the mythological folklore vs. movie versions of the story here. Geeks from the monastery to modern day have kept Norse Myth alive! And by reading all this, so have you~


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