Saturday, October 10, 2009

Comics and Coffeestains

Attention Space Cadets:

I recently teamed up with old college pal Ralph Miranda to submit pages for this contest put up by Frank Cho and Doug Murray. Essentially a pencil and ink test, 6 pages of script were provided by Murray and character designs by Cho. The winner would score a contract to do the series published through Image Comics.
Thanks to nuggets of wisdom imparted from Art and Story and a fellow comic buddy at my side, we were able to submit all the pages in just about a weeks time.
Finalists will be chosen at Baltimore Comic-Con on 10/11 and winner 21 days after. To see all six pages of our entry, check it out here.

Clumsy Coffee

As frequenter of coffee and tea shops, I found myself without my watercolor kit one day-- but found a great alternative! I later found a series that superstar illustrator Christoph Niemann did on napkins and later some more by digital matte artist Mitchel Stuart . It's sparked some ideas to do a sort of meta-aware story of characters that live in a coffestained sketchbook world. I think something many creative types might relate to well with our addic-- err love, for the drink~


cins said... for both.

mai s kemble said...

nice- I hope you both win the contest for IMAGE comics!
I was wondering what those pages were for- they look great!

and I like the coffee work!

Joshua Kemble Illustrations said...

Those pages rock! Keep them coming!