Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Coffee Sketches

Going Postal:

This is the most recent spread for a project Postal Sketches, where several artist friends mail a sketchbook between each other, drawing up some inspiration from the previous pages. I had forgotten to link to the blog this whole time! Be sure to check it out though. Great fun to see what develops in the sketchbook and keep in contact in such an old school way-- go snail mail!

I decided to stick to using ink and coffee for this spread since I've been using it as my medium of choice in my own sketchbook these days. Check out below some recent doodles from a trip to San Fransisco's Alternative Press Expo (APE) and around my own town's coffee shops.

... subsequent sketches to come in more frequent posts :]


cins said...

sweeet! i wanna try coffee painting now :P

C.Bennett said...

good stuff man. Wish i could have checked it out live, but you sold everything by the time you came over to my table(very nice thing to have happen) Nice to finally see it in person.
I have to say, with the coffee, I did a few pictures with it myself. Even though the medium sounds really weird he color is super nice, when it is watered down it has a nice yellow and thicker a rich brown, it is something you could never get with regular pants. Keep it up.

I like the Choco bird at the top btw, (I think that is what there called in Final Fantasy)

Dave James said...

These are wonderful.

ElleGGì said...

great sketches! i love that freshness