Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jedi Knight training/drawing process

Kalik Vrosh:

'Cause every Star Wars character needs a cool name. This was done for CGHub's bi-weekly 2D drawing jam. A wealth of talent on there with enthusiastic creatives to keep me motivated.
There was another sketch of a duel I started after first reading about this irresistible theme that I'll post soon-- just a few more things to tweak.

I've found that most of my favorite characters develop out of teeny tiny thumbnails that cross out the option of too much detail.
Expect more gamer-ly art done in this method to be added in the next few weeks~


cins said...

what an awesome gif to show your process.

Matthew Dow said...

I dont think this can get more awesome. Thanks for making me a jedi . . . and trimming the fat

Chris Kennett said...

Great to see your process. I love the way you took the tiniest, least formed sketch and made some awesome art.