Saturday, November 28, 2009

CbugX and Hadrian

Wacom Work:

A couple new sketches. See the process GIFs for both of these on my Flickr page: "CbugX" and "Guard Hadrian". I think naming characters is real fun part of design, gives them more personality.
I always thought the stock symbol cbugx had a funny sound...
I wanted the guard to have some regality to him so why not a wall-building Roman emperor...

Hit a bit of misfortune recently in getting my laptop stolen. A good reminder to back up files and be ever alert. I've since been spending some more quality time at the desktop though. The Intuos 3 definitely has it's pressure sensitivity advantages compared to the Bamboo Fun (if the name didn't give it's 'hobby' level functionality).
I haven't tried out the the newest Intuoses, but trying out the Cintiq, sure makes an investment in a Modbook more attactive.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Modbook and Cintiq although both allows you to draw directly on screen uses different technologies. So trying out Cintiq will not necessary give you the actual feel you'll get from a Modbook. I would wager that Cintiq is going to give you a much better feel where as Modbook will be more similar to a Tablet PC, not really ideal for illustration but note taking. Great work!