Monday, December 07, 2009

On the Sets of CSI: Miami & Iron Man 2

Lurking in the Background

Some people may know, but on occasion I double as a background actor. It's always an interesting time being behind the scenes and I love seeing the proccess as well as getting to talk to people. Once in a long while, when schedules permit, I'll get to do dual roles for a project as Storyboard Artist and Extra like I did for "The Fray" music video.
There are some long hours waiting around while the crew preps so I'm always armed with a sketchbook to make good use of my time.

Below are some sketches on set from a couple productions "CSI: Miami" and "Iron Man 2"-- sketched on site, color/tone in Photoshop.

CSI: Miami (is actually in sunny Long Beach CA)

This is actually the second time I've been on this show. The role I played this time was "Asian Gangster/clubgoer". My friends insisting I don't look anything of the sort, it required a lot of scowling and by the end of day my face kinda hurt.
Originally, I had answered the call for someone with knowledge in Kendo and I was looking forwad to getting to wear my traditional garb and put my dusty bamboo sword to use but unfortunately the scene was cut. Luckily though, I did get to be a bodyguard to the main Yakuza boss deftly played by Roger Yuan.

There were also some scenes where I'm in the back when David Caruso and Eddie Cibrian's characters confront their suspect-- when I sketched the detective and one of the suspects played by an actor named Luis (top).

Links to the episodes online or perhaps screenshots to follow when they air!! (Jan 2010)

Ever-cool Horatio CaineSome extras got tattoos painted to up their street cred...Detective Eddie and Mob boss Roger

Iron Man 2 !

This was a huge cattle call for background actors as part of a crowd scene. Cameras and recording devices were strictly prohibited but pen, paper, and memory weren't. Very brief images of Tony Starks's stage dancers showed up in the trailer premiering at ComicCon this summer. Here are some sketches of the talented performers, the "Ironettes". Also are some of the hero himself Robert Downey Jr. and some detail studies of the practical suit--I'm sure it will be CGI'd to glossy perfection in post.Along with the rest of the world, really excited to see this film.


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fascinating! great sketches :)

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I love it!