Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Holiday pieces

'Tis the Season

Happy holidays out there! Here's an illustration for a couple good friends, R.J. Hochmuth and Abel Stearns [of Digital Sarcasm and the Thought Police] for a (slightly wacky) CD idea. Not quite a musical compilation, not quite spoken word-- but RJ's got a really great voice that I think just has to be exploited/shared with the world. Think, the voice on that automated Moviefone or... maybe a real dapper sounding baritone GPS navigation voice.
"Turn left, Turn left, Turn left!"

A bunch of American Greetings

Several cards I worked on for AmericanGreetings.com have gone live. To see some development storyboards, check out my other blog.

I was playing around with the iphones on display at the Apple store and found one of my works on the AG app-- yay! I still have a bit of trouble working with what feel like chubby fingers typing on those shiny gadgets though. Takes me about a minute per word still...

Screenshots and links--!

A Holiday Wishing Star card for use thru email/ Facebook/ Twitter featuring this adorable lil' owl. [storyboards]

"I'm too Festive" parody song for "I'm too Sexy" [storyboards]

Card for Aretha Franklin's "Winter Wonderland" [characters/background design, storyboards] Animated wonderfully by Heather Dunn.

"Christmas Magic" card with classically cute critters [character design]

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Chris Kennett said...

Great work as usual mate. Happy hols and good work on the film extra stuff. I'm all starstruck!