Sunday, December 27, 2009

Avius: trite wit

"I twitter"

Number 5 in the "Nouveau Robotica" assembly line-- based on the ubiquitous micro-blogging site. New sidelinks for the possibly prosaic, but so very up-to-the-minute happenings are up!
The design of the robot was based on household wares like tin soupcans and string-- a most classic analog communication~ The bird there is singing his song in Spanish. There are so many different onomatopoeia for birds and other animals are in different languages-- check some out:

Bulgarian: piu-piu, chik-chirik
Czech: píp píp
Dutch: tjielp tjielpEnglish: chirp, tweet
French: pit pit
Indonesian: ciap ciap
Japanese: chun chun
Korean: jek jek
Montenegrin: ciju ciju
Polish: cwir

Is it me or do birds in Poland sure sound like they're confused..? "Cwir??"

It's 2010: Where is my hovercar?

Also HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
Hope all ushered in a new year with great fun and safety--
Yes, safety.. quite important. An update @sketchboy01 details such things~
yarrr... ;]


RAWLS said...

I LOVE it!! Of course I do right?... its got a robot in it! I wish I got THIS one in the mail!
Happy new year dude!

Chris Kennett said...

Damn right, I want my hovercar too! Happy New Year!

chris.k said...

I'm working on getting all these printed-- possibly thru 'Ka-Blam'... then I'll totally send you one via Canadia Mail!

Cheers to the Down Under too!:)

Dan Sprogis said...

Love this series man, really nice work graphically and technically. Could def see these in stores as posters.