Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faces and Creatures

Questo e il mio Faccia // "This is My Face" (EDIT: bad Italian grammar)

Model 006 [Italian import] in the Nouveau Robotica series. An homage to the "Absinthe Robette" poster by Henri-Privat Livemont-- my robotic interpretation of how we put on our 'faces' on ole Facebook.

[Bonus points and an original ink sketch for anyone that knows where I got the title!]

I may try to elaborate more on the symbolism I've attempted to incorporate into this one and the series as a whole, but I'd love to hear other theories and opinions as well.
I scribbled in a sheet of sketches to stick to making a series and have since planned on making enough robots for a calendar, so 12 all together. Half way there~!

"Heavenly Creatures"

This is a show that's going on tonight at Pehrspace in Echo Park with artist Karin Jancuk. Yes, very last minute-- as in right after I click 'Publish Post', I'm delivering my piece to the curator. Indeed a good thing she's a friend. I have a piece that's acrylic paint on acrylic sheeting-- a style and medium that's a departure from my usual, but a fun exploration with a Rilo Kiley inspired title.
If you're on Facebook, put on your best face, add, and check out the invite here !

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