Monday, March 29, 2010

Monkey Mod Punch!

Monkeying around

(I was pretty surprised while typing this... "monkeying" passes spellcheck! People must engage in this verb a lot... )

This is fan art for Kevin Cross' slick comic, Monkey Mod-- the mod rockstar simian superhero!
He's got a cool animated trailer to go along with the webcomic too. (Aw "webcomic" does not pass spellcheck :[ ) I checked out the preview mini comic "Monkey Mod Unmasked" and really dug the production value (screenprinted cover/ hand stiched) put into it. It's raised the bar to do the same for what I'm working on too... aiming to have it ready for WonderCon.

Better than Pizza!

I feel it my duty to make some noise about the newly minted Art and Story SUPREME here too. The premium content counterpart to possibly the most helpful and inspirational cartooning podcast out there. The content I've seen and heard is really worth it-- especially the process videos. Kevin's microcast is called "High Adventure Daily" and it does deliver. I feel like punching barbarians to punk rock after every listen...

1 comment:

Jeremy3D said...

"Monkey Mod Unmasked."
Simian superhero.
Made By Kevin Cross.

I like your style, Kevin.
Ink-work is so crisp and clean.
Your colors, sublime.