Monday, May 21, 2012

Digital Circus!

Kicking Up New Dust

Some options for mobile and digital readers out there-- I put these two stories up available for download.
A recap on some story!:
"The Sunless Circus" is a silent 8-page story about Ardee the Robot Acrobat, who wants to run away from the Circus to become an accountant. Buy the comic here or click below for the digital version.

"The Tell" is a 17-page narrated story recounting events that happen previous. It tells the tale of the Inventor who came to the Circus who built Ardee, the the heroic Ringmaster. and the wonderfully strange and also diabolical things he discovers there. Here's the classic analog version--
digital version is only one dollar pilgrims!
Download the continuing story in PDF form for absolutely FREE here !

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