Friday, June 01, 2012

Comics: Printing & Cons

Comics pages about comics making

Go Comics RA RA RA!

This is pretty pertinent for a lot of independent comic creators and publishers out there-- fast and reliable Print-on-Demand (POD) has increased the ease of getting your own stories out there in tangible form.
I've used several houses in my few comic-printing ventures, but my most recent runs of the
"The Sunless Circus" and "The Tell" were through RA-Comics.

Check out their variety of services and easy to navigate quote menu HERE.

I drew the very meta comics page above about comic making and the printing process. Their "Screaming Hot" option can be a real lifesaver. I think many creators tend to push the deadlines of having something ready just in time for a convention.

Speaking of which...

Get your Geek On

I've applied for these events this year but am currently awaiting confirmation:
Geeks Con
Comikaze Expo
Long Beach Comic Con

I'll be at Comic-Con Int'l, but as a laid-back, non-promotional-mode patron~

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Evan Ferrell said...

Thanks for sharing this one. How do you feel it measures up to the books from Ka-Blam?