Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Seasons and A Movie!

[EDIT/ Update!]
Pics from the show. 
Dan Harmo
Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs stopped by the show!

Attention all Human Beings!

This weekend is the "Community" themed art show "Six Seasons and a Movie" at the presented by PixelDrip at the Monk Gallery in L.A. More than 130 artists will be participating-- see the Facebook event page HERE.
"There will be framed and canvas pieces, prints, shirts, dioramas, custom vinyl toys, plushies, a video game demo, and more! There will be contests throughout the weekend that will give attendees numerous chances to win prizes, so make sure to come in costume on Saturday and know your trivia on Sunday...!"

Below are a couple details for my single piece "Conjoined in the Morning!" (Acrylic transfer on Wood panel + Ink). Featuring inseparable pals Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes, joined at the hip and playing to their strengths with the art of Imagination and Plumbing (though lately I guess it's more about AC Repair.)
Sideshow acts include the "Amazing Sword Swallowing Dean Pelton" and "Star Burns: The Human Explosion, too soon?".
At the top is an 11x 14" print version which will also be available at the show. Word on the street is that creatives and actors from the show may be in tow. Should be a carnival of fun!

Check out other pals who'll have pieces in the gallery!: Victor Camba (a full-color Community comic book), Stephen Yan (an Inspector Spacetime salute), Ralph Miranda (general baddassery print), Kevin Woody (great style character watercolors), n' Megan Lara (amazing Art Nouveau maven)!

Conjoined in the Morning!
(Too Soon?)
Here, don't get lost:

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