Monday, June 21, 2010

2010: a Toy Odyssey

"I'm sorry Buzz. I'm afraid I can't do that..."

So I keep hearing through the Twitters and Facebooks that Toy Story 3 is quite excellent and also a tear jerker. I wondered if anyone had done this mash-up before-- my bad if it has! Here's my version of a toy coming face to face with something so epic and sublime as the origin it's creation... and the HAL 9000.
Plus it's funny how the Pixar director's name rhymes with "Kubrich"..
This was done for the weekly art jam on the Art Jumble blog. Lots of great talent on there to stay inspired and challenged!

Below is a process gif animation of how this came about:

By the looks of that initial scan, apparently I was considering having Buzz say "Que?", as a nod to his newfound language skills in the movie. Seems like I'm keeping in theme with polygot astronauts in my posts :]

Oh and btw this was Post #100 !



cins said...

pretty friggin awesome.
yay #100!

Matthew Dow said...

yeah that is pretty amazing

matsky said...


Abz said...

Excellente! ;) Very good, and the movie was incredible! ;)

johng said...

love this piece chris! def has the 2001 (lite) thematic.