Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hey you Kids!

Get off my lawn! ...and go read a Comic!

I can't make it to this event until they perfect teleportation technology, but if you're in the Dearborn, Michigan area, you should really check this out! Running from June 12-13 and supported by the folks at 'Art and Story'. It's a free event and a really great place to foster interest in the comics medium for the next generation ['cause otherwise we'd totally die out :( ]. Cheers to sustainability! There'll be workshops and panels for both patrons and creators/educators alike.

It looks really fun. If you go, take pictures for me won'tcha :]

Shortest Post Ever...

It's been good n' busy, will post up some new works and sketches soon (including a short comic and a new Nouveau Robotica) !

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