Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Siberian Pine and Wine

Calling all Cosmonauts!

#7 in the "Nouveau Robotica" series. This is a slight departure in style from the more organic forms in the previous pieces (though if you look hard enough you can still find them). This became much closer to the Soviet propaganda poster style, but hopefully still fits in the series. It was a bit of an experiment using a limited color palette and a challenge to not render the heck out of it. As mentioned in my post with the Soviet sketches, I ended up taking a short cultural/educational tour working on this piece.
The title is a Romanization of the Russian word for 'Cosmonaut' and "кедр" ('cedar' or 'Siberian Pine'), which was the the callsign for the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. I threw in some Sputnik-inspired satellites in this poster for an alternate history where sentient robots could be national heroes too... maybe one day.

Distress patterns in illustrations remind me of that pre-worn look a lot of new jeans have... I can tear and rough up my clothes all by my clumsy self thanksverymuch~ I can't wait to get these printed without the 'fake distress', throw them around recklessly, and add some genuine character.

Fun factoids, when in space:
Americans= Astronaut.
Russians= Cosmonaut
Chinese= Taikonaut
French= Spationaut
Makaysian= Angkasawan


This was a sketch I did in wine... a fine glass of Campo di Borgia, 2008 to be exact (I just read the label, I don't have a sophisticated nose). This was at a place in Fullerton called the 'Twisted Vine', which had just enough candlelight to draw by.
Maybe this could be a start to a series-- an inebriated counterpart to the coffee stain sketches I posted up before.

They would probably be less frenetic, possibly a bit sloppy. We'll see :]


cins said...

great stuff!

James said...

Very cool poster. I agree with your points about real distressing vs. fake distressing. This poster would look great on a wall with real folds and wear.