Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Belated Christmas Album and Card

So what would you like to have this Winter's Eve Light Celebration ?

Belated Like Broken Clockwork

It's Christmas time and my pal Digitalcasm Stearns ("Abel") put together another Holiday CD for this year: "Another Belated Christmas*." Featuring the golden voice talent of R.J. Hochmuth, this compilation of holiday tracks crosses all sorts of cultural and awesomeness boundaries!
"Sexy Kwanzaa," "Santa Baby," and the impressively auto-tuned "We're a Couple of Misfits" are some of my favorite tracks.
The ornamented CD face~

Last year's album (which includes a reading of the Polar Express in faux British accent + self-made foley sound FX), is availabile on the Bandcamp site here.

Tuning up the Reindeer (+ the Christmas Spirit)

Also for this time of year is my annual illustration promotional card. The reindeer is a callback from last year's card, but shows all the behind-the-scenes tinkering the Elves do to get a bionic buck airborne. Since I worked in layers in Photoshop, I'm also thinking about giving it some limited animation-- but like the cards themselves in the mail, this might take some time to arrive~
[Leave a comment/message if want to get on the mailing list :]

Merry Christmas and Sweet Soltice everyone!



cins said...

i want a card! :)

chris.k said...

Yours is coming on the wings of a lil' raven Cinders!

kurios said...

Wow, the robot reindeer card looks awesome.

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Jahhdog said...

Indeed that Robot reindeer card is sweet!

Great work man!