Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enlightened Filament


250 Watts of Wisdom

This is the ninth addition to the Nouveau Robotica series and will be making it's first appearance this weekend at an art show at Sipology Cafe in Long Beach, CA. The show will also feature two other artist friends, Rodney Sellars and Will Koffman under the uniting theme of "Technophilia: Machines and the People Who Love Them." It's a fun and unique space in downtown LB.
For those tech savvy or just plain good at finding details, there is a QR code on the print. When scanned using most smartphone barcode apps, it'll bring you... well, right here!

The illustrative type in there is Tibetan, and translates to (I think...) "Ornament." Seeing as how the written form of the country has such ornate stylings, especially to Western eyes, I thought it fit. The lightbulb icon is pretty literal, but I wanted to play with the interior filament suggesting a face or some sort. The idea of spirituality in an artificial mind was a neat one explored in Battlestar Galactica, so I wanted to give it an Eastern spin. The robot floats above a lotus motif which hides the 'power' symbol with the the animated counterpart below to suggest some sort of 'transcendence' from one medium to another in a digital world.

Click on the Bulb for some ambiance~ :]

[Note: Since the code brings you here. there's likely a blank space above these words for you mobile viewers... Flash not playing well with a lot of smartphones and all--BELOW is an mp4 version!)]

Technophiliacs Anonymous

The show is happening this Saturday (at 7pm), with us artists doing some live painting to the tunes of several DJs including pal Digitalcasm and Calamari Beats. I'll have prints, a few mini-comics and buttons available~
Here's a flyer!

Here's another piece that will be on display. One of a few scenes in a series of digital paintings I've been working on of robots going about their day-to-day when they discover something weird going on. Here, it's playground octopi. Man, I hate when that happens....

"Beneath the Swings"
Pencil, Photoshop


Jeremy3D said...

Awesome show Chris! For anyone who couldn't make it on the 12th, Chris' stuff will be there for about a month so go check it out!

Marty Qatani said...

Chris... this so cool. It reminds me of some of the vintage Rock posters from the Fillmore. It would make a very cool stainglass window and print for walls.

Beneath the Swings is awesome as well. Totally different feel to it, but just as cool.


chris.k said...

Thanks Marty! Yeah, it sure would be neat to see the image truly illuminated in glass form~
Maybe one day when i build my robot temple :]